postAprop is a powerful & effective real estate marketing tool

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Why postAprop? We made it push-button easy for you to generate more buyer & seller leads.



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Under 1 Account You Can...

Instantly setup highly-effective buyer squeeze pages, seller squeeze pages, and single property sites. We provide complete lead-capture pages with built-in email marketing, real estate content & graphics, professional videos, online editor, & much more.

It's all push-button easy to use.

In August 2016, we added modern agent websites.

Realtor Websites With postAprop
Real Estate Lead Generation

One Account. One Low Price.

You get unlimited squeeze pages, single property sites, & a complete agent site/blog.

  Realtor Marketing With postAprop


And best of all...setup is as easy as 1-Click (see the demo below)


Real Estate Lead Generation

"What Is A "Real Estate Squeeze Page?"

It's a one page website that's specifically designed to produce real estate leads. Some call them
"Landing Pages". We call them "Squeeze Pages". They are proven lead-generating tools & we
made it easy for you to start using them today for your real estate business.

Here Is A Live Example

Real Estate Squeeze Page Example

Click button above to see a live squeeze page from postAprop
Setting up this page takes nothing more than one click!

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Real Estate Landing Page Service





Complete 2017 Real Estate Pages


    real estate landing page



    Looking for more buyer & seller leads?
    These pages deliver a steady flow of buyer & seller leads to your inbox



    mopbile real estate landing page



    Our pages and sites are mobile.
    Market your business & properties directly to mobile users.



    lead page for real estate

    With postAprop, you are one click away from these highly effective lead generating pages.


    lead page for real estate


    real estate content


    lead page for real estate


    2017 content is in place on the pages including 3D Flip Books.
    You can also edit the content or upload your own.



Another Live Example Here

FSBO Landing Page

Click button for a live example offering a 3D Flip Guide

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Instant & Easy Setup

NO coding. NO download. NO learning curve. We made it easy for you.
Setup only requires you choose a design and click. That is it.


lead page for real estate

All of the pages have content in place including buyer guides, seller guides,
3D graphics, video, etc.


Note: You can customize the pages.
Customizing a page & editing is easy. Just use the online editor
to add any content, images, video, etc.

Real Estate Lead Generation




  lead page for real estate


Real Estate Landing Page Service



We have professional real estate marketing videos for buyers & sellers
in place on many designs.


lead page for real estate


Professional page designs, real estate content, hosting, and email marketing are in place.
What does this mean? You save time...You save money... you save money... & you get the professional lead capture pages you need.


With postAprop, you can easily setup & manage unlimited pages under one account.
We cover the 4 requirements you need for an effective page:

real estate squeeze page design

Our service comes with proven squeeze page designs, real estate content,
hosting, and built-in email marketing in place.


With all of the requirments in place, setup with postAprop is
instant & easy (Just like you see in our demo below)




Ready For Some Live Examples?


Click For "Home Value" Squeeze Page

Page With Fields For Name, Email, Phone, Property Address

Expired Page (Can Be Used With Any Content Offer)

Agent Page With Buyer & Seller Links To Squeeze Pages

Just Sold - Home Value Offer With Phone Field

"Home Value" Design With Video Background

FSBO Page with 3D flip guide

See Another "Home Value" Squeeze Page

Click For Another "Home Value" Squeeze Page
Click For "First Time Buyer" Squeeze Page
Click For "Market Update Newsletter" Squeeze Page
Click For "Find Realtor" Squeeze Page
Click For "Sell For More" Squeeze Page
Click For "Property Alerts" Squeeze Page

You can setup effective pages like this (& many more) with just 1 click.
All of the content, videos, graphics, and reports are already in place for you.
Editing is very easy. Customize any page with our online editor.
Just login, make changes, and click save.


Themes To Match Your Logo

  Themes To Match Your Logo

Looking to match a page with your brand? See example below:
Click For "Keller Williams Red" Page
Click For "REMAX Blue" Page



3D Flip Books Too!

Use our guides for lead generation.
We have buyer & seller guides in many formats including 3D flip books.
Click below for an example of one of our flip book guides.

Real Estate Guide



Modern Single Property Sites


    single property websites



    Improve your overall marketing plan & generate more buyer interest with
    our mobile-optimized single property sites.


    Single property sites have full screen slideshows,
    interactive Google maps, and more.

    Setup of a single property site is push button easy.
    Check out the demo for an inside look.

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Complete Agent Websites


    single property websites



    Modern & mobile optimized agent websites. Web 3.0 designs. Full screen images and sliders. Community pages for seo. And...built in lead capture sections.



    single property websites


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Benefits Of Using postAprop

Easy & Instant Setup

All it takes is one click. With one click you will have a complete real estate squeeze page or single property site. It's fast & easy to setup and manage.

Lead Pages & Single Property Sites

Setup unlimited lead pages for both buyers and sellers AND unlimited single property websites. All under one account. All at one low price.

Complete Pages With 2017 Content

All of our pages have built in email marketing & 2017 real estate content, videos, & graphics. This saves both time & money for our users. It also makes it as easy as "1 CLICK" to setup the page you need.

Proven To Work

All of our lead generating pages have been tested to work. They convert website visitors into leads and clients.

Mobile Optimized

More & more buyers are using mobile devices to search for properties. postAprop allows you to market your properties & business directly to mobile users.

Inexpensive With A High ROI

The combination of our effective lead generation, business building tools, & low cost adds up to an excellent Return-On-Investment for you.


Setup is fast & easy because all of the real estate content, graphics,
videos, optin forms, hosting, proven designs, & email marketing is in place on every page


All you have to do is choose your design and click.
That's all it takes to get your page live.



See How Easy It Is In The Demo Below


Take A Look Inside

Watch us INSTANTLY create highly effective lead capture pages & single property sites.
Click play below & see how to use our service to improve your business.


Real Estate Landing Page Service


Realtor buyer landing pages at postAprop


Video 2: Live Examples

Watch us INSTANTLY create highly effective lead capture pages & single property sites.


Real Estate Landing Page Service


Realtor buyer landing pages at postAprop


Video 3: Single Property Websites

We have modern & mobile single property sites with full screen slideshows, interactive maps, & more.


Real Estate Landing Page Service



Single Property Website Landing Page


Realtor seller landing pages at postAprop

How Can We Help You?

More Eyes

Get more eyes on your business & properties. Generate more leads. Build your brand. Instantly improve all of your marketing.

Easy Setup

1-CLICK setup makes it easy for users to create & manage effective lead generating pages and sites. No web experience needed here!

Outstanding ROI

Generate a steady flow of incoming leads. At our low cost, it results in an exceptional return-on-investment for your business.

How Easy Is It?

Setup in 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1:
    Signup With Us

    Step 2:
    Login To Your Account

    Step 3:
    Choose What You Need

    Step 4:
    Click A Button

It's that easy. From start to finish in seconds.

How Does postAprop Help Your Real Estate Business Grow?

We provide proven lead-generating tools that are 100% complete. This saves time & money for you
while making it very easy to generate more leads into your business.


We've been doing this for years. It works & it will work for you.

single property websites
Incoming Buyer & Seller Leads

Think low-cost but effective lead generation. postAprop allows you to easily setup an automated flow of incoming real estate leads.

Increase Your Sales

Boost your lead production. Boost your sales. Using our service will help you generate more leads & listings while we boost your sales!

More Eyes On Your Business

postAprop helps to position you as the local real estate authority while exposing your business to a larger pool of buyers & sellers.

Build Your Brand

Integrate postAprop with all of your current marketing efforts and get your name in front of more people. We'll help to build your brand in your local market.

Promote Your Properties & Business

We make it easy for you. We give you marketing tools that work and show you how to use them. Modern single-property websites, graphics creator, lead-generating real estate squeeze pages, and complete agent websites.

All Under 1 Account

Everything is easy to setup & manage. Just login to our site to manage it all. All of your lead pages, single property sites, email marketing, & more are easily managed on our site.


To sum it up...We will dramatically improve your online presence and lead production.
At our low price point, we'll also deliver an exceptional ROI for your real estate business.

How postAprop Helps...

  • "Real Estate Squeeze pages produce a steady influx of new leads into your business.
    Single property sites offer a number of benefits as well such as improving yourt listing presentation.
    " - Chris Locke, BestSqueezePages

  • "Instantly create modern & mobile optimized property sites, generate more leads, & promote your real estate business. It's all very easy to do. Please watch the videos below to see examples of effective pages and how it works for you." - Kevin From postAprop

  • "postAprop can help your real estate business grow. Think automated lead generation, more listings, more buyers…and of course….more sales!" - Ben,

List Of Features


One Account & One Low Price Gives You...

> Unlimited Buyer Pages
> Unlimited Seller Pages
> Unlimited Property Sites
> Complete Agent Websites/Blogs
> All Pages & Sites Are Mobile
> Easy & Instant Setup With 2017 Content In Place
> Hosting & Email Marketing
> Live Chat For Instant Lead Interaction
> Proven Lead-Generating Designs
> Single Property Sites With Full Screen Slideshow
> Personal Agent Sites With Lead Capture
> Real Estate Graphics & Professional Videos
> Property Flyer Creator
> Online Marketing Help


Early 2017 Upgrades


We recently added new features for our 2017 Relaunch.



Live chat feature for instant lead contact is in place right now.

Add it to any squeeze page, single property site, or agent site.
It captures leads & helps to convert more visitors into clients.

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Main Benefit Of postAprop: Complete real estate lead pages
& mobile-optimized single property sites
but we also offer marketing tools
such as our graphic creator



Easy-to-use online graphics creator makes property flyers,
custom 3D graphics, postcards, QR Codes, & more


    We Provide A Complete, Easy-To-Use, & Highly-Effective Real Estate Marketing Platform

  • Weatherette

    postAprop provides unlimited lead pages and
    single property sites

  • Calorbuddy app

    We make it easy
    to market your business
    & properties
    to mobile users

  • Rockpack iPad

    Our Buyer & Seller
    pages give you
    a proven lead
    capture tool.

  • Rockpack iPad

    Built-In email marketing
    on every page.

  • iPhone 6 Infinity

    Real estate graphics,
    lead-generating content,
    & professional videos too?

    Yes Indeed!

  • iPhone 6 Infinity

    Setup is easy.
    Just 1 click
    & your page is in place

  • iPhone 6 Infinity

    We are landing page experts.
    Use our years of experience.
    Our buyer & seller pages
    are waiting for you.

  • iPhone 6 Infinity

    It's sound marketing to use
    postAProp landing pages.



Unlimited Lead Pages, Single Property Sites, & Full Agent Websites.

    <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>
Complete Real Estate Marketing Platform
1 Click Setup
Unlimited Buyer Pages
Unlimited Seller Pages
Complete Agent Websites/Blogs
Unlimited Single Property Sites
Built-In Email Marketing & Autoresponder
All Pages & Websites Are Mobile
Professional Marketing Graphics & Videos
Full Hosting Account Provided
Property Flyer Creator, 3D Graphics Creator, QR Code Maker, & More...

      As low as $24.99/Month*
      * With annual plan promo. Click button below for details.


    postAprop Order

    Frequently ASKED QUESTIONS


    QUESTION: How Does postAprop Help My Real Estate Business?
    We improve your entire marketing plan with effective lead capture pages,
    drip email campaigns, single property sites, & even full agent websites/blogs.


    You'll realize a steady flow of high quality leads at a low cost.
    With our annual plan the TOTAL COST is only $24.99/month and you get:


    Realtor Marketing With postAprop



    QUESTION: Why is this service SOOooo inexpensive?
    Because we believe in being Ultra-Awesome!
    Many I really get all of this for that low price?
    The answer is YES. So stop worrying about it and sign up.
    We'll deliver an exceptional ROI for your real estate business.



    QUESTION: What Is A "Real Estate Squeeze Page"?
    A squeeze page is a single page website that is specifically designed to generate leads. Some call them landing pages. These lead-capture pages are used by all types of businesses to produce a steady influx of new leads and customers.

    A "Real Estate Squeeze Page" (like we have at postAprop) generates leads for agents by targeting certain groups of buyers & sellers of real estate. For example, a page make target first time buyers, expired listings, cash investors, people looking for a Realtor, etc.



    QUESTION: Why Should I Use A Real Estate Squeeze Page?
    It's simply sound marketing and proven to work. Lead generation is critical to the success of any real estate business. postAprop, and our real estate squeeze pages, make it very easy for you to generate high-quality buyer and seller leads.



    QUESTION: Can I Add My Own Content Or Edit The Pages?
    Yes. Our service comes with an online editor. Just login, add your content such as text, reports, images, video, or make changes to the page, and then click "SAVE". This will instantly update the page with your own custom content.

    Example? Click below to see a page with different text, images,etc.

    Click For Example of Customized "First Time Buyer" Squeeze Page



    QUESTION: What Kind Of Leads Will I See?
    postAprop is an automated lead generation system that provides high quality
    buyer AND seller leads.

    We have a number of pages for leads such as first time buyers, expired listings, home value pages, pages for sellers that offer free guides such as "How To Sell Your Home Fast" and "Tips To Sell Fast" , a lead page on the "Value Of Using A Real Estate Agent", and more.

    However, you can easily customize any of your pages for your specific needs. For example, if you have a "free guide" or report you want to offer it is very easy to edit any page and add the content you need. In other workds, tou can generate any type of lead you need by using postAprop.



    QUESTION: Can I Make A Page To Build A List For A Real Estate Newsletter?
    Yes. We have a design in place for a newsletter. It will build an email marketing list for you and build your brand in your local real estate market.

    Here is an example of a "Real Estate Newsletter" page:
    Click For "Real Estate Newsletter" Squeeze Page



    QUESTION: Do I Need Any Website Or Design Experience?
    You do not need a different website or hosting service. Our goal was to make everything "push button easy" and this is what you will find.
    There is no coding, or downloads. Everything is very easy to setup and manage.



    QUESTION: Can I Setup A Drip Email Campaign?
    Yes. An easy-to-use email marketing program is part of our service.
    Functions include an Autoresponder, Drip Email Campaigns, and Email Blasts.



    QUESTION: Can I Use postAprop With My Current Website & Blog?
    Here is an excellent video & explanation on how postAprop works
    with your real estate website: Click For Explanation



    QUESTION: Is It Really Easy To Use?
    We provide 100% complete real estate squeeze pages. To get one of
    these pages working for you it only takes one click.



    QUESTION: Do You Have Any Live Examples?
    Yes, Here are several live examples:
    Click For Home Value Page With Property & Phone Field

    Expired Page (Can Be Used With Any Content Offer)

    Agent Page With Buyer & Seller Links To Squeeze Pages

    "Home Value" Design With Video Background

    See An Effective "Home Value" Squeeze Page

    Click For "Home Value" Squeeze Page

    Click For Another "Home Value" Squeeze Page
    Click For "First Time Buyer" Squeeze Page
    Click For FSBO Landing Page
    Click For "Real Estate Newsletter" Squeeze Page
    Click For "Find Realtor" Squeeze Page
    Click For "Sell For More" Squeeze Page
    Click For "Property Alerts" Squeeze Page
    Click For "Real Estate Newsletter" Squeeze Page
      You can setup effective lead pages like this (& many more) with just 1 click.
    All of the content, videos, graphics, and reports are already in place for you.



    QUESTION: What Are The Key Benefits?
    There are many benefits for your real estate business.

    Here are some of the benefits:
    > Easy To Setup & Manage
    > 100% Complete Pages With Graphics, Content, Etc.
    > Unlimited Lead Pages (& Property Sites Too)
    > Built In Email Marketing With Drip Email Campaigns
    > Complete Agent Websites
    > Full Hosting Included
    > Proven Lead-Generating Designs
    > High-Quality Leads
    > Low Cost & High ROI

      One More...
    > You Can Customize Any Page With Our Online Editor.
    It's Easy & Changes Are Seen Instantly.


    QUESTION: Do you have designs with fields for phone and property address?
    Yes we do. See an example here: Click For Example With Phone & Property Fields



    QUESTION: How Many Pages & Property Sites Can I Create?
    Under 1 account, you can setup unlimited lead pages and single property sites.
    You can also setup as many full websites/blogs as you need too!



    QUESTION: Can I use my own domain names such as for a property site or for a squeeze page?
    Yes you can. You can register new domains or use existing domains you already have.
    You can also create subdomains and use these for additional
    lead capture pages or single property sites. You can add as many domains
    and subdomains as you need. All under one account.



    QUESTION: Are Your Pages & Designs Responsive & Mobile?
    All of the"squeeze pages", property sites, and full agent sites are responsive
    and work well on all mobile devices.



    QUESTION: Can I Build A Buyer's List? Is Email Marketing Part Of The Service?
    Yes! And...Yes! Email marketing is built into each page. You can build buyer and seller lists. Each page you create has a unique lead database and email marketing program. This includes an autoresponder, drip email campaigns, and email blasts. You also get unlimited email accounts.



    QUESTION: What Happens With My Leads?
    They are 100% yours. Only you have access to your leads.
    We never contact your leads or send them any information.



    QUESTION: What Happens When I Get A New Lead?
    You'll get an instant email notice & your new lead is added to your lead database. Only you have access to the leads.



    QUESTION: Do You Explain How To Generate Leads?
    We do. We provide marketing advice, examples, & tips to make it even easier
    for postAprop to work for you. We show you how to setup an effective
    lead page for your real estate business.

    Here is a good article on ActiveRain about how to use postAprop pages for more leads:
    Real Estate Landing Pages: A Quick How To



    QUESTION: What Other Benefits/Features Do You Have?
    Unlimited squeeze pages. Unlimited single property sites.
    You get a full hosting account and built-in email marketing too.
    With our hosting you can setup a real estate blog & full websites too.



    QUESTION: What Features Are Found On The Single Property Sites?
    Just like the squeeze pages, the single property sites are very easy to setup.
    They are responsive designs which allows you to market directly to mobile users.

    The designs are clean & modern with visual appealing features
    such as full screen slideshows, interactive Google Maps, % more.



    QUESTION: Can I Create A Single Property Site For My Listing Presentations?
    Of course! In fact, we encourage it.

    Using our single property sites as a visual marketing tool
    during a listing presentation is another important benefit from postAprop.
    This is a very effective way to add value to your listing presentation.
    We show you how and offer pointers on utilizing our single property sites.



    QUESTION: Why Should I Sign Up?
    We will instantly upgrade your entire real estate marketing program!


    We'll help you realize more leads, increase the exposure to your business,
    build your brand in your local market, generate more traffic to your
    core real estate site/blog, & more.

    And...we're doing all of this for you at such a low price
    that it makes it a no brainer for you.



    QUESTION: Everything Looks Great...What Is The Total Cost?
    We have a 2 payment plans.
    Monthly plan is only $39.97/month.
    PROMO: Annual plan promo cuts cost by 40% to $24.99/month (Just $299 for the year).



    QUESTION: How Do I Order?
    Use this button below to get started:

    postAprop Order


    - Unlimited real estate squeeze pages,
      single property sites, email marketing, lead generation, full agent websites, & more.



    2 Free Resources:


    1. FREE InfoGraphic? Get It Here: Click For Realtor InfoGraphic


    2. Get Our latest Real Estate Squeeze Page Guide. It's Free!


    Squeeze Page Guide



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    We are available 7 days a week. If you have a question or need to contact us for any reason just use the form to the left.

    • - Complete Real Estate Marketing Platform
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      > Real Estate Landing Pages
      > Real Estate Squeeze Pages
      > Single Property Sites
      > Built-In Email Marketing & Much More

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