Adwerx And Landing Pages: A Critical Step To Success With Your Ad
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Adwerx And Landing Pages: A Critical Step To Success With Your Ad

We love Adwerx as a real estate marketing tool.


You should too.


Here’s why….


Its inexpensive and easy to use.  It helps agents build their brand by placing their business and photo on large ads on popular websites.  Not just in front of any viewer but viewers in your designated zip codes who have been searching for real estate content on the internet.  That can be powerful stuff if you use it correctly.


In our previous post on Adwerx and lead generation we explained, with live examples, how you can use Adwerx to improve your real estate business in a number of ways (INCLUDING LEAD GENERATION).


See the article here:


Here is a quick outline of what you will find in the article:


The article explains how to use Adwerx for lead generation.  And it does it by explaining a basic rule of online marketing.  And that rule is, where you send the traffic is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the ad.


With Adwerx you can also create ads for listings.  Here is another quick tip.  Do not send the traffic to the wrong page.  I know it seems simple but many do it.  Check out this example below I found recently.



Adwerx Property Listing Ad


This as is used to promote a property listing.  It’s a good sized ad with a large headline, photo of the agent and their contact info.  For the agent, it works to put his business in front of locals searching for real estate.  For the seller of the property, they’re happy the agent is doing specific marketing for their property in an appealing manner. 




Keep in mind, this is a DIGITAL AD.  People are going to click on it.  Because of this, one of the critical factors in the success of this ad is where are you sending the traffic after they click.  When I click the ad I am sent to this page:


 Adwerx Ads With Property Site


I think anybody would say “This is not an appealing page for the property or the agent”.   


This agent is not properly utilizing the Adwerx Ad.  The agent can (and should) do much better.  And doing better is easy to do.   All they have to do is setup a better landing page (in this case a single property site that properly highlights this listing.  For starters with large photos!  


Instead of this page, why not create a property page with a full screen slide show to display the property (and the agent) in the best light: Click For Slideshow Example has modern and mobile single property sites with full screen slideshows and lead capture functions.  Setup is as easy as one click.  And it would make this digital ad from Adwerx much more effective for the agent.


Here is that link to our lead generation article on Adwerx.  Check it out now and remember to include a good landing page with your digital ads.   See it here:








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