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Adwerx: How To Use It For Lead Generation

Adwerx is a digital marketing service for real estate agents.  They made it easy for agents to create and manage “remarketing ads”.  These are the ads that follow you around as you visit different websites.


The key benefit for the agent is the ability to target potential clients in your specific location (by zip codes).  Think about people in your zip codes browsing the internet and seeing your business prominently displayed on different websites.  This helps to build awareness for the agent in their local market.  However, it can deliver much more to the agent than simply “brand awareness”.


Adwerx For LeadsIn this post, we’ll explain how to use Adwerx to not only build your brand but also as a lead generation tool.


Follow the tips below and Adwerx can be used for a steady source of high quality,  local, & hot leads from both buyers and sellers. (Cha-Ching)



For a quick summary of Adwerx and how it works watch this 60 second video:



As mentioned in the video, Adwerx is “extremely affordable”.   They have a few different plans.  I like the idea of running 4 week campaigns at a cost of only $150-$170 (depending on zip code).


This is an exceptional value when you consider the size, type, and placement of the ads on popular sites, and, most importantly, how it specifically targets real estate shoppers in your local area.



Let me show you an example of an Adwerx ad.  I live in Palos Verdes, CA (known as the “South Bay”).  I cleared my browsing history & searched online for real estate.  After doing this I visited a few websites & the Adwerx ads for local agents can be seen.


Here is an example from one of my favorite sports websites.

Adwerx Ad Example


Here is the same ad found while visiting


Adwerx Agent Ad


After searching for real estate, I visited a number of different and popular websites.  I found the Adwerx ads from a local “South Bay” Realtor followed me around to a number of sites and pages inside these sites.  That’s powerful stuff (especially when you factor in the low cost).


That’s what remarketing ads and Adwerx can do for your business.


Adwerx Key Points

Powerful stuff, right? 


With these ads being seen by people in your area you’re building your brand awareness in your market.  This clearly has a number of benefits for any agent.


However, you can do more with Adwerx than brand awareness. 


You can make Adwerx an even better marketing tool for you by following our tips below on using Adwerx for lead generation.





For the past 6 years, I’ve invested $5-10,000/month on Pay-Per-Click ads for a variety of businesses.  Probably the most important lesson I’ve learned is to:


“Use highly targeted ads with highly targeted landing pages”


The reason for this?  I learned sending traffic from pay-per-click ads to my home page was a mistake.  Why? Well, I certainly had sales from this traffic. However, by using pages designed specifically for lead capture, I was able to drastically improve the ROI of my marketing simply by capturing leads instead of promoting my home page.


It’s not hard to understand why when you consider this marketing fact:


“80-95% of people who visit a site never return”


The lead capture page (aka “squeeze page” or “landing page”) is the solution to this marketing problem.  Once I made the change and starting sending pay-per-click traffic to landing pages. I was able to quickly build a lead database and marketing list.  This allowed me to bring the customers back with email marketing at any time.  It resulted in a significant increase in the effectiveness of my ads.  


How important was this for me?


“I believe this is the most important marketing lesson I learned since we moved into the digital marketing age.”


To use Adwerx for lead generation, not only should you send the traffic to landing pages designed to capture leads but also follow these tips outlined below.



Tip 1: Highly Targeted Ad – Avoid the “I’m the best Realtor in Texas” message.  Get specific.  Create an ad for a buyer. Or seller. First time buyer. Or best of all…offer something of value in the ad(See below).


Tip 2: Strong And Specific Call-To-Action – Avoid the “Here is my number…Call Me” call-to-action.  It’s a weak and ineffective approach. A better way to start & build a relationship is to offer something of value in the ad and direct the viewer to click.


This is the type of “highly targeted ad” I mentioned above. For example, lets say you’re looking for buyer leads?  Setup an ad offering a Free guide for “First Time Home Buyers In San Diego”.   While browsing the net, this type of ad that markets to both first time buyers and your local market will pop off the page to the viewer.  You’re speaking directly to them in a large colorful ad that follows them around!


Looking for seller leads? Create an ad that offers a “Free Home Value Report In San Diego” to sellers.  Again, it speaks directly to the viewer (your local prospect).


Check out the image below.  On the left you have the ad used by the agent in my area.  Take a close look at it and then check out the ad next to it.

Adwerx For Lead Generation


On the right is a better ad setup.  The ad on the right uses a better headline. The orange color is bold and makes the headline pop. It targets sellers. It offers something of value (“FREE Home Value Report”), and it has a clear & strong Call-To-Action.


Using the ad on the right will capture more attention, clicks, and traffic.


Tip 3: The Landing Page – This is the most important factor!


What should we do with that ad for the home value report? Don’t send the traffic to a home page or any page on your website.  Send them to a page designed for one purpose: TO CAPTURE LEADS.   Send the traffic to a “Home Value Landing Page”.


Here is an example that works with that ad:



 Tip 4: Match Your Messages – Match the message of your ad EXACTLY with the same message on your landing page.


When a website viewer sees your ad and clicks, you have about 10 seconds once they hit your landing page. It’s important that your landing page has no distractions or external links.  It’s also very important that the viewer quickly sees what they initially wanted in your ad.


Most often you can do this with the headline on the landing page.  You want the headline to match the message of your ad and be seen instantly upon landing on your page.





Tip 5: For Landing Pages Consider postAprop


postAprop is a real estate landing page service that makes it very easy for anybody to create and manage highly effective landing pages.  Setup requires just one click. Editing and customizing can be accomplished with the online editor.  And…it comes with built in email marketing for follow up and drip email campaigns.




To learn more about postAprop, see live examples, a demo, and all of the features use the button below:




Update December 12, 2015

From one of our users at postAprop: “…been happy with the recognition I felt I was getting from Adwerx.  Made the changes to an ad with the call to action to a home value (landing) page.  Immediately saw a jump in clicks and leads…”




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