Content Marketing For Realtors
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Content Marketing For Realtors

The term “content marketing” isn’t a new marketing method. It goes back over 150 years.  During the American Civil War, Johnson & Johnson created guides for doctors on how to use their bandages.  This type of informative content back in the 1860s was nothing more than “Content Marketing”.


Content Marketing was a marketing buzz word back in 2011 (around the time of the first Content Marketing World Conference).   With clear benefits to businesses such as trust and brand building, seo benefits, and lead generation, the trend with content marketing is on the upswing. 



 Graphic Above From Business To Consumer 2017 Marketing Trends



For Realtors, it should be a important piece of your overall marketing plan. Presenting informative content with a local flavor provides a Realtor with a number of benefits.  This local and targeted content should be your foundation to online real estate marketing success. is a real estate landing page service for Realtors.  It is also a tool to assist Realtors with their content marketing.  Realtors are not limited to blog posts and Social Media with their content marketing.  Ebooks, Reports, White Papers, and Newsletters are widely used distribution methods for content marketing. 


 From Business To Consumer 2017 Marketing Trends



Having effective landing page designs is another important piece to a marketing plan for any business (especially in real estate).  But it’s important to keep in mind that landing pages are just part of the plan.   To make your marketing most effective its important to use tools and marketing methods to build your brand and drive traffic to your business.


An easy way for you to do this is to use content marketing.  AND….integrate your landing pages with the content you are sharing.  It’s an easy and highly effective way to build your brand, build trust, and generate leads.


Content Marketing Action Plan


If you don’t have a blog, then create one (contact us to learn how).


If you have a blog, start posting consistently on the blog.  It doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Just put out one post a week.   They don’t have to be 800 word essays.  A short post of 300 words is fine.  Write about local real estate, new business in the area, mortgage rates, new loan programs, open house reviews, etc.


3 Tips To Convert Content Marketing Into Leads


Tip 1: Maximize your content.  Use it outside of your initial post.  You can put a blurb on Facebook with a link to your blog post.  Send an email to your email list with a link to your post.  You can take a few highlights of the post and use it for an article on a website such as ActiveRain. (We are doing it with this article.  See it here).


Tip 2: Don’t just write a blog and hope the reader contact you. Close your post with a clear CALL-TO-ACTION.  This could be directing the reader to another page on your website such as the property search or a link to a landing page that offers similar content to the blog post such as an ebook or report.



Tip 3: Don’t use PDF for your content such as ebooks and reports.  Everybody is on mobile these days.  If your goal is for the viewer to actually read it then you have to do better than putting your content on a PDF.  Here is how your PDF looks on mobile devices :

Nobody is reading it!



How To Send Content?

Stop using a PDF. A mobile optimized web page is the way to go for your content.  postAprop content is delivered this way to your leads.  Not only is it an easy-on-the-eyes viewing experience but Realtors contact info is inside the content with a CALL-TO-ACTION to drive traffic from the content to the Realtor.



For users of postAprop, this type of content is available with just one click.  It’s integrated with our easy-to-use online editor so the user can drop in their photos, contact information, and location.  They can also customize the message and content.   All of it is online and easy to use.


Check out what postAprop can do for your real estate business.  Not only unlimited real estate landing pages.  There’s a lot more to the service.  Check it out on our site and let us know if you have any questions.





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