Direct Mail Marketing For Realtors
posted on June 30th, 2015 | in Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing For Realtors

Direct mail can be an excellent marketing method for agents.   If you follow a couple of basics you can see an excellent Return-On-Investment for this type of marketing campaign.


Here are the basics of real estate direct marketing:

> Target a specific niche and target a specific audience

> Make an impact with images & large headline or question

> Simple & concise – One simple message and one clear offer.

> Have a clear “CALL TO ACTION” with an “OFFER”


Below I have an excellent example of how to use direct mail to build your brand and generate leads. This exact direct mail campaign is used by one of the most successful Realtors in Los Angeles.


This example covers all of the bullet points listed above.  It targets a specific audience, it’s concise, uses imagery with opening question, with an offer and clear call to action.


The offer is “Free Home Value Report” and call to action sends traffic directly to the lead capture website (“real estate squeeze page”).



This Realtor realized the following benefits from this direct mail:

> Build their brand in local community

> Generate new leads (via the “squeeze page”)



The direct mail piece was integrated with a “Home Value Real Estate Squeeze Page”.  The idea is to send potential sellers to a website that is designed to capture the contact information of leads.  We call them “Squeeze Pages”.  These are single page websites to generate leads. (See example below).



The agent registered a specific domain to market to home owners in the area.  In this case, San Pedro, CA.


The  domain started with the target area SanPedro…”.  (I do not want to include the compete domain name to prevent readers of this blog from generating false leads on this Realtors squeeze page).   The cost of registering the domain is only around $10 and it makes marketing the page easier.


See Live “Home Value Squeeze Page”?

To see a live page simply click this button below.  This is an example of a home value page created by




To setup a Home Value Squeeze Page, follow these 2 steps:

> Register a domain that targets your area.

> Use to create the “Home Value” page.




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