Expired Listing Landing Page
posted on February 23rd, 2016 | in Marketing

Expired Listing Landing Page

Here is an “Expired Listing Landing Page” by postAprop. This 2016 design has content in place including 3D flip book, video highlighting the content, graphics, optin form, hosting, and built in email marketing.


Why is this great news for you?


A few reasons….


1. Setup requires just a few moments of your time (see video below)

2. It’s highly effective lead generation!


The page has a very clean look and large font.  This makes it very easy to absorb for the visitor.  This is important because it’s critical that your visitor understand your message quickly.  This page accomplishes that.  Within a few seconds of landing on the page the visitor understand what the offer is on this lead capture page.



Expired Listing Landing Page


With this page, postAprop has a 3D Flip Report in place.  The page captures the lead and delivers the content in an easy-to-read and very professionally done 3D report.  Example below:


 postAprop - Landing Pages For Realtors


How to setup a lead generating page like this?  It only takes a few seconds.

Click play below to see just how easy it is.




 With everything in place including lead database, email marketing, and all of the content, this landing page only takes one click to create. To customize you simply use the online editor provided with each postAprop account.


With everything in place, postAprop makes it easy for any real estate agent to create and manage highly effective landing page campaigns for all types of leads. postAprop has pages for buyer leads, seller leads, home value leads, first time buyers, expired listings, and FSBO leads.


Here is a live example of the page we created in the video:




To learn more?  

Visit postAprop for live examples and all of the details.


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