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Save Your Cold Call With A Squeeze Page

We have all made these types of prospecting cold calls:

“Hi this is Bob Realtor with ABC Realty, I see your home on 123 Main St is no longer active and listed for sale.  I wanted to share with you my marketing methods for getting homes sold quickly…..”



after-the-noWith a high rejection rate on cold calls,  the agent has to be completely prepared for a “NO” from the homeowner.


AFTER “NO”: How do you handle the call after the prospect closes the door?


Do you simply hang up and move on?


If you move on, you’re missing opportunities.  There’s a simple fix to help.


After the opening of your call and your request to meet with the homeowner is denied, one simple move can save the opportunity with every homeowner.  No…it is NOT some slick rebuttal.  And it’s nothing that pressures the lead in any way.  Just the opposite. Its what we call a soft parachute landing that offers the lead VALUE in a NO-PRESSURE situation.  It also saves the lead for you.


After the “no, I don’t want to meet you” response, you should not end it there.  Simply drop down to an offer to send the lead to a properly designed squeeze page.  This page provides a VALUE OFFER to the lead and has a clear call to action to optin (leave contact info) on the page.  


Instead of losing the lead,  they visit the squeeze page and enter contact info.  The lead is now added to your “lead funnel”.  In other words, they’re in your system to easily contact again and nurture via email. 


expired listing leads with squeeze pages



The Squeeze Page:


The “squeeze page” is simply a landing page designed to capture leads (and nothing else).  Its a single page website on a domain. It is not a page you add to your agent website.  It’s a stand alone page.


This type of page is proven to convert visitors into leads at a higher rate than any page on your agent site. While phone prospecting, the squeeze page offers Realtors an excellent “soft close” during any of your cold calling sessions.  After the NO, the squeeze page is an effective tool to keep the prospect alive.


If a call to an expired listing isn’t going your way (listing appointment) you can still SAVE THE OPPORTUNITY with the lead by directing them to an “Expired Listing Squeeze Page”.   Before you move on simply tell the prospect to visit your squeeze page. Say “Mr Johnson, I’d like to provide you with a FREE guide on what to do after your listing expires.  It’s 100% free and I know you’ll find the information helpful.  You can find it at…..”


That’s it. Just give them the web address.  I’m telling you it will drive traffic to your page.  Keep in mind. this is not just any website page. Its a page specifically designed to capture leads(see example below).  


NOTE: Its a good idea to have a memorable domain for the squeeze page.  Here are a few examples:

  1. >

  2. >



For an “Expired Listing Squeeze Page”, use your location and the word “Expired” in the domain like you see in the examples above with Memphis. Plenty of options will be available to make a memorable domain.



How it works:


Here’s a 6 point summary:

  1. > Agent makes the cold call

  2. > Caller denies requests for meeting

  3. At the end of the call, the agent offers value with the squeeze page.

  4. Lead goes to squeeze page and enters email

  5. Squeeze page delivers content

  6. Realtor has new lead in funnel


Benefits all around.


Homeowner, in this case an expired listing, receives content from you on important things to consider with their expired listing and selling their home.  It’s delivered in a no-pressure situation for the lead. 


In the live page example below, the “squeeze page” delivers

a 3D flip guide for expired listings.

postAprop - Landing Pages For Realtors



Agent Benefits:


How about the Realtor?  What kind of benefits do they see?


It starts with BUILDING CREDIBILITY with the homeowner.


Think about it. If the lead goes to your squeeze page and receives quality content from you and something they perceive as valuable, then what does it do for you in their eyes?   It’s obvious right?…you are no longer the guy just cold calling them.  You’re now the guy helping them.  This sets you up for a very easy follow up call!


Another Benefit: You have a new prospect added to your lead funnel.  You can setup a drip email campaign that delivers short snippets of quality info. Your business, via the content delivered, is now in front of the lead in a positive manner. This builds your brand and credibility even more in the eyes of the lead.  


Instead of hanging up and moving on, the Realtor offers a “valuable resource” with the free information on the squeeze page.

This last second offer saves the opportunity and builds credibility with the homeowner.  You are now all set for an MUCH EASIER follow up call.  The homeowner knows more about you.  You’ve impressed them. They find you credible now instead of some guy/gal behind a phone.


Makes sense, right?



A Squeeze Page Example


First a screen shot and a few comments on an effective example of  an “Expired Listing Squeeze Page”.



Expired Listing Squeeze Page


What do you notice first about the page?  How about its a highly targeted page with no links or distractions.  When a visitor lands on this page they understand INSTANTLY what this page offers them.


The page also has a lot of white space. It looks very clean.  Bold image of the guide is seen and a large button that can’t be missed. The optin form is large and doesn’t ask for too much information.  In other words, a great lead generating design!



Now the live example…


Here is an expired listing squeeze page from postAprop:  Click Here For Expired Listing Squeeze Page


How can you setup this type of marketing tool?  It takes very little time and effort. is a squeeze page service designed to help agents quickly and easily setup effective lead generating squeeze pages.  It comes with built in email marketing and drip email (to nurture the lead) and a number of other features including single property sites, agent splash pages, personal agent websites, and more.


Cost of postAprop? This is the best feature.  It’s extremely inexpensive. Visit the site and check out the features and costs and you’ll be impressed.




For a demo of postAprop, live examples, & a list of features click below:






The Key Takeaways From This Post:


  1. >  When cold calling, use a squeeze page as a “soft parachute landing”. It saves the opportunity for you and drops new prospects into your lead funnel.

  2. >  Check out postAprop for your squeeze page needs! Nothing better for agents to setup and manage effective squeeze pages.


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