12 Minutes To A Complete Facebook Marketing Campaign For Real Estate Leads
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12 Minutes To A Complete Facebook Marketing Campaign For Real Estate Leads

We put together a “HOW TO” on using Facebook for your real estate business. It’s one of the most effective marketing methods right now.


Check it out….and use it…here you go…


The 2 Steps To Follow:

  • 1 – Create a buyer landing page with Facebook integration offering a list of homes below the median home price in your area.

  • 2- Create a Facebook ad that matches the landing page offer.  Target locals with your ad.


That is it.  A simple 2 step process that can be accomplished in just a few minutes.  Well…maybe 12 minutes.


STEP 1: The Landing Page

An effective landing page will offer something of value to capture lead information with a form for name, email, etc.  When using Facebook, it’s best to eliminate the form on your page.  In place of the form we utilize a button that is integrated with Facebook.


The benefit with this page setup is your potential lead only clicks and you capture the lead information.   The lead does not have to type into a form.  Here is an example of a page designed to capture buyer leads from Facebook.


Landing Page For Realtor


You can setup this landing page, with built in email marketing and drip email, at postAprop.   Here is a live example of this page: 



With postAprop, its one click and this buyer landing page is ready.  The page is already integrated with Facebook which converts at a higher rate then a landing page without the Facebook integration.   TOTAL TIME: 5 Minutes


STEP 2: The Facebook Ad

You need an image or a video for your ad.   For an image, you can use a Royalty Free Image provided by postAprop,  search a free image site such as UnSplash or SnapiLabs, pay for an image to use at a site such as BigStockPhoto, or any image you have rights to use.


Take your image and go over to Canva.com for a little editing.  Its a free site and very easy to use.   For this example, I’m using the Royalty Free image from postAprop that was used on the page.


Here is the image:

I simply set the dimensions on Canva to: 602 width by 315 height.  Then upload the image.  Add a banner and some text and I’m ready…



At Canva, you can easily drop in banners and then add text above.  Choose your colors and font.  Then click download.  It’s very easy.  TOTAL TIME: 3 Minutes


Just to make sure there isn’t too much text on the image I go here to test: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay


Everything checked OK on Facebook for the image…


My total time to setup the complete page and get the image ready is under 10 minutes.  Now setup the Facebook Ad in Ad Manager, set the budget and let it start working for you.  


Here is an ad example below.  The ad offers list of homes under the median priced home in the area.  The imagery used in the ad matches the landing page.


It only takes a couple of minutes to setup a Facebook Ad like this example. TOTAL TIME: 4 minutes


My total time from start to finish with a complete Facebook integrated landing page, matching image for my ad, and a running Facebook Ad targeting locals was about 12 minutes.


Do You Have 12 Minutes?  

Following these steps is a good way to spend that time to boost your real estate lead generation and build your brand in the local area.


A Few Key Points

One of the keys to an effective Facebook Ad and Landing Page campaign is “coupling” the ad with the page(SEE FLOW CHART BELOW).  Matching the imagery and message of the ad and page will help to convert more clicks into leads.  


Another HUGE factor that can’t be understated is the use of the FACEBOOK integration in place of a typical landing page form.   These buttons help!




Lead Flow

We’ll finish up with a lead flow chart.  Each ad click is sent to the matching landing page, With 1 click the lead is dropped into your lead database.  Once in the lead database the lead can be contacted and nurtured into a client.


With postAprop, we have a lead database built into every page.  It includes Autoresponder, drip email. and email blast.  These tools allow you to nurture your leads over time.  Allows you to easily follow up with your leads.  Send them new content and retarget them with different ads.  


Here is the lead flow to outline how you can build your real estate business with this type of Facebook marketing.





Visit postAprop.com for live page examples and a demo of just how easy it is to setup effective lead generating real estate landing pages.


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