Facebook Landing Pages For Real Estate
posted on July 30th, 2017 | in Marketing

Facebook Landing Pages For Real Estate

We recently added “Facebook Landing Pages For Real Estate”.  1 click setup with Facebook integration in place on the landing page. 


The benefit for you as an agent?  The lead does not have to enter anything in a form!  Just click the Facebook button on the page and the lead information is added to your marketing funnel and email marketing program at postAprop.


Does it work?  Oh yes it does!  And it is SUPER-EASY and INEXPENSIVE to setup.  


Check out this “JUST LISTED” real estate landing page example here…



Instead of optin forms and fields for the lead to fill out. we replace it with….




We tested a number of pages with the Facebook buttons in place of the typical forms and they convert at a higher rate.  The reason is simple.  It’s easier for the lead to transition from Facebook to your lead database with just a click.





Of course…with postAprop all of your landing pages have built in email marketing.



Not only does your lead get an instant email message from you but you can setup drip email campaigns and email blast every lead in your system.   This is built in.  No playing around with codes to set it up.  No 3rd party CRM or email services needed.  Its all in place.


Facebook marketing should be a key focus for any Realtor right now because of 2 reasons:

  • 1 – Cost effective.

  • 2 – It works!


Facebook made it easy for you to target locals in your market.  Its really working well for the users of our real estate landing page service.  Our users are marketing Just Sold properties to generate new seller leads.  They are using Just Listed landing pages to generate buyer lists, build their brand in the local area, and generate more seller leads.  This is high impact stuff for our users.


Quick Example: How To Use A Facebook Landing Page For Lead Generation


You have a new listing…create some pre-listing buzz with a “Coming Soon” Facebook Landing Page like you see here…




Then you run a Facebook ad targeting locals within a radius of the property.  Maybe 5 mile radius.  You set the radius and the marketing budget inside Facebook. All you have to do is add your Facebook Landing Page website address and your ready to go.  It’s easy to do.


Run the ad for a few days to a week, locals in the area, will see your ad, your business, and your marketing work, and it will provide amazing benefits for you at a very low cost.  It also makes your seller very happy to see you specifically marketing their property on Facebook! 


Once the listing is live you simply flip out the template to a JUST LISTED template like this and continue with the Facebook ads.


This allow you to utilize your new listing for these benefits:

  • 1 – Generate buyer leads

  • 2 – Generate more seller leads

  • 3 – Build your brand in the local market via Facebook and your Facebook Real Estate Landing Page

  • 4 – Expand your sphere – You can capture leads via Facebook and also target these leads with specific marketing via email and re-targeting (Its also easy).

  • 5 – Locals see your ad, see your marketing, see your work, and see your results.   That’s a plus, right?  Especially at the low cost of this marketing.


Hey, Whats The Cost?

One of the best things about it?  COST!   Facebook is still a bargain for marketing. 


Take a look at this graph on the average cost to reach 1000 prospects…




Do the math…Facebook is a marketing bargain, isn’t it?  So get on it now and it will help to build your real estate business.



You can easily setup a number of landing pages and matching ads to really change the incoming flow of business for you.  


This type of Facebook marketing works with new listings, Just Sold properties, Home value leads, buyer and seller guides and other content.  It’s all very easy.  


Here is another example of one of our Facebook Landing Pages…


Just Sold Landing Page


Use the “Just Sold Landing Page’ from postAprop.  Grab any recent sale (doesn’t even have to be your listing) and get a photo and a little property information.  Then use it on our landing page.  Create an ad on Facebook.  And you’ll get action and leads.  This is a proven way to generate leads without a current listing.


On the “REPORT” page that is offered with this postAprop landing page you can offer property information, local market information, and offer the lead a CMA from a local Realtor.


The goal of the JUST SOLD ad and landing page is to generate seller leads, create relationships with local homeowners, and land some listings.  This is working right now in July 2017.  Setup of this page is very easy.



At postAprop, we have 100% complete FACEBOOK REAL ESTATE LANDING PAGES.  You can setup as many as you need under one account.





The simple 2 step formula…


Generating leads on Facebook can be accomplished with these 2 steps:


  • 1 – Signup with postAprop for unlimited real estate landing pages, including effective Facebook real estate landing pages.  Visit our home page for details. The service is loaded with marketing features and its available at a price that will blow you away.  Visit postAprop.com for details.

  • 2 – Utilize Facebook ads and marketing to drive traffic to your Facebook landing pages.



Here is a little video “How To”…





Check out live examples at postAprop.com.  Also inside our site we have a complete course on Facebook Marketing.  Get started now.  It’s easy and it will provide results for your real estate business.



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