Facebook Leads To LionDesk
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Facebook Leads To LionDesk

postAprop is now integrated with the real estate CRM LionDesk.   This allows users to send any leads generated, including from Facebook, directly into your LionDesk account.



How to get leads from Facebook directly imported into your LionDesk account?  It’s easy.  Use postAprop.


postAprop provides landing pages that are integrated with Facebook.  These landing pages don’t require the lead to enter any information into a form.  All they do is click a button like this:



When the lead clicks this button, the lead information is instantly sent to your lead database with postAprop.   With a simple one time “copy and paste”, you can forward all of these leads into your LionDesk account.


Here is a screenshot and live example of this type of Landing Page:


Check out a live example of this Facebook landing page: CLICK HERE



Copy And Paste: Setup Is Easy


To send the leads to your LionDesk account you simply generate an API inside LionDesk and paste it in a field.  That’s it.  Here is a screenshot of how where you generate the API:



The steps to generate the LionDesk API Key:


  • Step 1: Login to LionDesk.com

  • Step 2: Go to Settings -> 3rd Party Integrations  menu

  • Step 3: Find “Personal” in 3rd Party API Keys list.

  • Step 4: Click on “Enable” button to generate the API Key.


After that you just copy the API Key and paste it in a field inside your postAprop account.



That’s it.  Doing this allows LionDesk users to easily import Facebook leads into their LionDesk account.  


What is postAprop?  A real estate landing page service with Facebook integrated pages and much more.  Users get unlimited landing pages, single property sites, personal agent sites at one low cost.


See live examples and a list of features on our site at postAprop.com.  Real estate agents are using our highly effective lead capture pages to build their brand, generate leads, expand their sphere, and create valuable marketing lists to help build their business.  It’s easy to use.  And it works.  Check out our site for details.


For more on using Facebook to build your real estate business, check out this how to video and guide (with page and ad examples) right here:


Includes Free How-To-Guide & Video.


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