Facebook Video Ads For Real Estate
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Facebook Video Ads For Real Estate

Facebook is currently one of the best lead generation and business building options available to real estate agents.  One tool they offer is the ability to create “Facebook Video Ads”.  Setup of the ads is very easy.  Here is a quick How-To on making it work for your real estate business. 


The 3 things you need:

1 An offer of value

2. Landing page to capture leads

3. A short video to use in your Ad



An example of an offer used by real estate agents to generate leads…

Video Ads For Realtors

The offer in this example is a “FREE REPORT” for first time sellers.  It offers a few important pointers to help sellers prepare their home for the sale. 


This type of content can be packaged in a Facebook video ad with a matching landing page for lead capture. Content marketing like this works for real estate lead generation.


Up next you want to have a page to offer the report and capture leads.  This is easy.  See this example from postAprop.




Key point: Use a lead capture page that is integrated with Facebook.  With this page setup, you replace a form with the “CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK” button. It make the lead capture process much easier for the lead (especially on mobile devices). 




With these buttons integrated with Facebook there is nothing to enter on the page.  No form to complete. Just click and the lead is captured and the content is delivered to the lead. We’ve tested these buttons. They convert at a higher rate then a page with a form.


Creating a page with this Facebook button is VERY EASY when using postAprop. It’s only 1 click and the page is setup with everything in place. See our recent update on Facebook landing pages with some live examples here: http://postaprop.com/Facebook-landing-pages.html


The Video – A Few Examples

With your video you want to highlight the offer.  Here are a couple of examples of videos used for Facebook ads for this type of offer.  First we have a personalized video with the agent explaining what they are offering.

Example 1 shows an introduction by the Realtor…


Example 2…



Example 3…



Example 4…



Example 5…



Video example 6…


We create the type of videos you see in examples 2-5 for users of postAprop.  We also provide the Facebook integrated landing pages that help to convert these videos into high quality real estate leads.


Video 1 adds a face to the marketing video.  That video was created with a free video editing app called CAMEO.  This app is easy to use and allows you to combine a few videos.  Some of our users take our animated videos and add an opening introduction featuring the agents.  Some add a closing message from the agent. A nice way to personalize the video and make it unique. With Cameo, it’s pretty easy to do.


For more on how to use Facebook ads for real estate lead generation get our free guide and video here: http://postaprop.com/Facebook-landing-pages.html


Would you like to see a live example of the page used in this post?  Just click the button below.




Lead Flow – From Facebook To Your Lead Database

We’ll finish up with a lead flow chart that explains how you can move the lead into your business.  Each ad click is sent to the matching landing page, With 1 click the lead is dropped into your lead database.  Once in the lead database the lead can be contacted and nurtured into a client.


With postAprop, we have 1 click setup of Facebook integrated landing pages like this example:


Our Facebook pages make any Facebook marketing campaign much more effective.  They also save a lot of time for you since it only takes 1 click to setup.  It’s easy.  Effective.  And proven to work with all types of Facebook marketing campaigns especially video ads.


Each landing page by postAprop has a lead database built into every page.  It includes Autoresponder, drip email. and email blast.  These tools allow you to nurture your leads over time.  Allows you to easily follow up with your leads.  Send them new content and retarget them with different ads.  


Here is the lead flow to outline how you can build your real estate business with this type of Facebook marketing.





Visit postAprop.com for live page examples and a demo of just how easy it is to setup effective lead generating real estate landing pages.




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