The Home Value Landing Page: Why Do You Need It?
posted on August 14th, 2015 | in Marketing

The Home Value Landing Page: Why Do You Need It?

Here is your answer: The “Home Value Landing Page” is a very effective marketing tool for generating seller leads.


The most effective landing pages offer something of value to website visitors. This basic (AND PROVEN) marketing concept is the idea behind the success of home value landing pages.  This page offers a lot of value to the homeowner and results in a high conversion rate of visitors to leads.


Here are a some examples of the home value landing page:





Home Value Landing Pages


This page offers a clean design, headline, bullet points, & short optin form. In other words, all of the elements of an effective lead-generating page.  This is one of the many page designs available at “Real Estate Landing Page” service at


All of the designs at postAprop are mobile-optimized.  Here is another “home value” page with screenshots of the design on mobile devices:


Home Value Landing Page


How To Make It Work For You?


Do you value your time & money? If you do, the most time & cost efficient way to create & manage this type of landing page is to use


postAprop allows you to setup pages like this with 1 click.  All you do is pick the design and click a button and the page is live (SEE DEMO BELOW).  




Live Example?  We have several on our site at postAprop including this very effective design below. Click the button below to see the entire page.  





Click below to see a live example of one of the “Home Value Landing Pages” from postAprop. Be sure to scroll down to see entire page.




Anatomy Of The Page:


Once your page is setup the lead generation is automated.  You get instant lead notification and the Autoresponder is used to nurture the lead.  Again, postAprop makes it all very easy for you with all of these elements in place.

Home Value Lead Capture


Key benefit of this page setup is capturing the lead first and getting property information second! This type of setup leads to a higher conversion rate of website visitors into leads.  Plus, once the lead is added to your email list you can reach out to them at any time and bring them back to your website, blog and business. 




Using this type of lead-generating page for your real estate business can lead to a large increase in seller leads and listings. With postAprop, it’s easy to setup and inexpensive (especially when you choose the Annual Plan).  


The home value landing page  is a marketing method that should be added to your overall marketing plan. 


When you set it up right, you’ll realize a number of benefits and an exceptional ROI on your time/money investment.





Ready To Get Started?


Use the button below to visit the home page of postAprop.  There you’ll find live examples, list of features and more details.


Getting started is easy.  Just signup with postAprop and you’ll have your lead-generating “Home Value Landing Page” up and running soon.




Cost of postAprop?  

With the annual plan, it’s only $19.97/month for unlimited real estate landing pages, full hosting, email marketing and much more!
(also known as the “Best Investment You Can Make For Your Business Right Now”)



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