Your CRM Database Is A Golden Ticket
posted on January 31st, 2018 | in Marketing, Uncategorized

Your CRM Database Is A Golden Ticket

One of the most valuable business tools for an agent is the “CRM DATABASE” (aka lead database).  Check out this 45 second clip from renowned real estate coach Grant Wise on the value of the database:


“Hey…Wake Up! You can do the same thing…”


Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?  


In any industry, growing your lead database results in a healthy business.  This is certainly true for real estate agents. 


RIGHT NOW…I want you to think of the value of a lead database of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000+, leads in your pipeline.  What does it mean to you and your business?   


With this type of database it means you can be a real estate powerhouse in your area.  And the important thing to understand: It’s easy to build this database.  


Build Real Estate Database


2 steps…that is it. 


Take care of these 2 points above and you can easily grow your CRM database and realize the enormous benefits that come with it.  More listings…More clients…More referrals….and a MUCH STRONGER LONG TERM BUSINESS.


FINAL QUESTION: How about we take care of it for you?


We currently have a PROMO that will create a complete lead generating and CRM building campaign for you. is a “Real Estate Landing Page” service with the lead capture pages you need.   Each page has a lead database in place with built in email marketing.  You can also import your leads to your existing CRM.  It’s all 1 click easy.


With the current PROMO, postAprop will create a complete lead generating campaign for you: CLICK HERE FOR PROMO


With this “Done-For-You” campaign, we take one of your listings or Just Sold properties and we utilize this to build your business on Facebook.  It’s that simple.

We will do it for you AT NO EXTRA COST.


This is a proven lead generating and CRM building marketing campaign that is working for agents (just like you).  Its working right now in 2018.  Its easy to setup.  How easy?  How about we do the entire thing for you!


Here are more details on the Just Listed/Just Sold Promo:


Want a different campaign built for you?  No problem.  Check out several more options here:


Let us help you build your valuable lead database.


Its one of the most imortant resources for your long term business growth and we can help.


Take advantage of this promo and lets get started today!



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