Real Estate Newsletter For More Leads & Traffic
posted on July 7th, 2015 | in Marketing

Real Estate Newsletter For More Leads & Traffic

Why should you have a real estate newsletter?


Here is a list of benefits that should grab your attention.  A real estate newsletter can help you:


  • > Build you brand

  • > Become local authority

  • > Promote your business

  • > Generate traffic

  • > Bring potential clients back into the fold

  • > Referrals – You’ll see more!

  • > Expand your marketing sphere


OK…that’s an impressive list of benefits, right?  Certainly the kind of things you’re looking for from your Real Estate Marketing, isn’t it?Newsletter-Blog


So….what’s it going to take for you to do it? See it below!


Two Components Of A Successful Real Estate Newsletter:


1. Building your list

2. Creating content


Both are equally important.  Here are tips on how to do it.





The first thing to do is setup the list building aspect of your newsletter.  You want people to subscribe to an “optin form” to signup for your newsletter.  You can do this by using your core real estate site, blog, and social media.


How do they signup?


The best move would be to create a dedicated “squeeze page” specifically for the newsletter.


Here is a an example of a”Newsletter Landing Page”.
Below the graphic click the button to see the live page



Ready to see a live example? Click below to see it.



Promote the squeeze page with everything you do including a link to it on your core website, Facebook, blogs, etc.  Simply add direct links to the “squeeze page” in your marketing.


For example, on your site or blog, you can add a small banner image that links directly to the “squeeze page.  Like this….


Click above & visitor goes directly to “squeeze page” to
signup for your real estate newsletter.


You can add images & links like this on your sites to effectively build your database of subscribers to your newsletter.


A good place to but a graphic like this is in the sidebar of your blog.  We do it on our blogs.  You can see it right here on this page.  This image below can be found in all of our blog posts.  It drives traffic directly to one of our “list building” squeeze pages.


We Use This Image/Link On Our Blog:



You can also add them on your core real estate site.  See this post for a good explanation on your main real estate site to generate leads & drive traffic to your “Squeeze Page”. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT





The main point of your newsletter is to provide value to your readers.  By providing value, you build your brand and position your business as the local authority.   This will lead to listing appointments, buyer leads, referrals and more clients.


All you have to do is share current real estate information.  It’s best to do it with a local angle too. This is not difficult.  If you blog, you’re probably doing it all already.


As a real estate agent, you have access to a lot of information that can be used for your newsletter.  You have local information that is valuable to homeowners and potential buyers.  Here are a few points to cover that your readers will find interesting:


    1. Updates – Provide information on the local real estate market. If they signed up for a real estate newsletter they will want an update on recent sales, trends in interest rates, changes in home values, and neighborhood stats.


    1. How To Articles & Tips – A good way to do this is write a blog post and use the content in your newsletter. For example, you write a blog post on “5 Home Buyer Tips In Torrance, CA”. In the newsletter, include a 2-4 sentence summary with a link to your blog post (brings traffic to your site)


    1. New Listings – Buyers and sellers are interested in new listings on the market. Add a few of the most interesting new listings to your newsletter with a link to your site for more information.  (Great for traffic while keeping your name in front of potential clients)


    1. Other – You can drop a short note on to a highlight a local event or business You can also do a little cross-promoting here. Local business may want to drop a promo inside your newsletter. In return, perhaps the business can promote your business in some way.  How about they allow you to leave business cards/post cards to promote your local real estate newsletter with the domain address on where to signup?


  1. IMPORTANT: Use the newsletter to drive traffic to your agent site. Include links in your newsletter back to your core agent site and blog.  For example, include a quick update on a new listing with a link to your website to see more or property search. 


A Newsletter Example…


This example covers some of the important points to cover in an effective newsletter.  They include links to a lead-generating landing page, summary of blog posts to send traffic from newsletter to the blog, and more.







Creating a real estate squeeze page is an effective way to market & promote your real estate business.  It will boost traffic to your website, blog, “squeeze pages, and listings.  It will increase awareness of your business and build your brand in the process.


postAprop made it easy for you to setup and manage your real estate newsletter.  We have “Newsletter Landing Pages” ready for you (SEE EXAMPLE HERE), as well as Newsletter templates for you to use, and an email marketing program to deliver your newsletter to your subscribers.


It’s another way postAprop can help your real estate business thrive.


Visit postAprop for more information.







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