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Instant Articles For Realtors

Facebook Instant Articles and you?


Or maybe….why do you, as a Realtor, care?


Here is the reason:


Instant Articles  offers a new way for Realtors to distribute their real estate content to a MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE. And…you can include interactive features, such as a CALL-TO-ACTION requests, to send more traffic to your website or landing pages.


Here is an except from on using Instant Articles for marketing & lead generation:
For example, Instant Articles lets content creators include widgets, such as the email newsletter sign-up forms that publishers like The New York Times have begun adopting. But brands can use these widgets to get people who are reading their content to sign up for more than just a newsletter.


“Say BMW writes an amazing article about an upcoming car and at the end of the article [there’s a button that reads] ‘click here to schedule a test drive’ or ‘enter your email to get a BMW packet.’ All of these things are already possible in Instant Articles,” said Peter Denton, VP of marketing at Steller.


Other examples of interactive widgets Steller is developing for Instant Articles include a “call now” button that could be used by real estate agents…


To get started with Facebook Instant Articles just go here:


This link will take you to Facebook.  Just signup with your business page and you’ll be ready to add your content.


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