Just Listed & Just Sold Facebook Ad Example
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Just Listed & Just Sold Facebook Ad Example

Here is a PROVEN example of a “Just Sold Facebook Ad”.  Also works well with your listings.  Same process and setup for both.



How To Setup This Effective Campaign? 


Here is the step by step process on setting up an effective lead generation Facebook campaign.  With a current listing or sale, we target locals in your area on Facebook with an appealing ad and lead capture page that highlights the property or sale.


The Benefits:


This campaign will provide the following benefits:

  • 1. Generate leads,

  • 2. Build your CRM database, and

  • 3. Increase your local exposure (Brand Building).


It also provides this benefit: Include an example of this marketing campaign in your listing presentation as value added sales tool.  It helps with your marketing pitch!  Show potential listings an example of the campaign and how you are  targeting locals in their area to sell their property.


Ad Example: With a local flavor and great branding for the agent.

Just Sold Facebook Ad Example

The Ad Image?


With this ad, you simply need a good image for branding and the right targeting.  When using a property (listing or Just Sold), this is very easy to do.  For your image, just go to Canva.com and create it.  They have options for “Facebook Ads”.  That’s how the image above was created.


For Targeting? 


It’s easy to target locals with this type of campaign. When creating the Facebook Ad, their is a field to enter the property address.  Just enter the address and set a radius of 1-20 miles from the property.  Then setup your budget and you’re ready to target locals in the immediate area around the property.


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KEY STEP TO SUCCESS: Where to send the traffic?


With this ad, you need the right place to send the traffic.  And that place is NOT your Facebook page, the home page of your website. or the MLS listing of your property.  These will not be effective at capturing leads and building your database. 


When a potential lead clicks the Facebook ad or post, you want to send them to a matching landing page with Facebook integration in place.  Here is an example of the page to use with this ad:



This page matches the ad and provides a consistent message from the ad to the lead capture page.  More importantly, it has “Facebook Integration” in place for easy lead capture.



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