Real Estate Landing Page Design
posted on June 22nd, 2015 | in Marketing

Real Estate Landing Page Design

Examples of real estate landing pages?  We have examples below but first the list of “Landing Page Design Basics”.


An effective landing page should:

> Deliver One Message

> Offer Value

> Clean page design

> Headline And Bullet Points

> Custom Graphics/Video

> Optin Form With 1 or 2 Fields & Large Button

> Clear Call-To-Action

> Credibility Factor


The “Home Value” Landing Page From postAprop

Home Value Landing Page




You want to instantly grab attention with your viewers.  Deliver one message to them.  In the example above, the message is for sellers who may want a free home value report.



The “offer” on your page is the thing that you are using to entice visitors to enter their contact information.  If you offer something of value to the viewer you will have an effective landing page.  For Realtors looking for leads with a landing page, the offer can be an informative guide, Current CMA (*Home Value Report”), Market Updates, etc.



Do NOT have outside links to other websites or pages. All this does is distract the viewer and some click and leave your page early.  Also, limit clutter on the page.



You want to have a large headline on the page.  Grab attention with the headline and then use bullet points to quickly highlight the “Offer” on the page.



A short explainer video that highlights the offer and instructs viewer to enter information on the page is effective.  Or create a custom graphic with your name, Real Estate Company, and image on it.  Example here….



Here are these custom guides used on a “Real Estate Landing Page”.





The examples above are “2 step pages. When you click on the large bold button you see a popup with one or two fields.  This is the most effective form setup for any landing page.




Here is an example of a terrible sign up form….


This page is a sure fire way to drive traffic AWAY from your website!


Your optin form on a “real estate landing page” should only have one or two fields. Ask for email only.  Or name and email only.  That is it.  Doing this will result in a higher percentage of website visitors becoming leads (MARKETING FACT).


Need more information from your lead?  Ask for it AFTER you get the initial contact information.






After landing on your page and seeing the headline, the visitor needs to know what to do next.  You want to make it easy for them to know what to do after they read the headline. Your page should quickly highlight the “Offer” and then direct the visitor to your optin form.


Here is an example with a headline, bullet points, and a
clear call to action to “GET IT RIGHT HERE….”
with an arrow directing the visitor to the large bold button.





People want to know who they are giving their information to.  You can easily add credibility to your landing page by using the design basics in this article.  Another step is to add a short “ABOUT US” section  on your page.


Here are a few more real estate landing pages
(all from





Clean designs with all of the landing page design basics in place.





To see more…visit


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