The Easy Facebook Marketing Formula
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The Easy Facebook Marketing Formula

Below we outlined an easy to follow process to jump start your entire real estate business in 2018.  Don’t Miss This: Be sure to scroll down to watch the HOW-TO-VIDEO.


Why is this important to you as a real estate agent?


By following this blog post, your real estate business will see the following benefits:


1. Instant lead generation
2. Long term business growth
3. Create valuable marketing lists
4. Build your brand in your local market


Facebook is working for agents right now.  Its not complicated once you understand a few marketing basics.  Perhaps the most important step to cover is how to use a Facebook integrated landing pages with an enticing offer.  Once you get this down, the rest is easy.


Here is a graphic breakdown of a simple formula to follow:



The starting point to an effective Facebook campaign is a properly designed landing page with Facebook integration in place.  This is very easy to do.  In fact you can setup an effective page in just a few moments with postAprop (see video demo below).



If you’re marketing on Facebook it makes simple marketing sense to use this type of landing page setup.   The landing page gives you the opportunity to clearly highlight the “OFFER ON THE PAGE”. 


With the Facebook integration in place, it makes it very easy for lead capture.  Instead of completing a form, the visitor only have to click the “CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK” button and the lead is captured.




Setting up an effective “Real estate landing page” with Facebook integration is easy.  Check out this short video and let us show you how.



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