Real Estate Landing Pages: 5 Benefits For Agents
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Real Estate Landing Pages: 5 Benefits For Agents

How Can Real Estate Landing Pages Benefit You?


“Real Estate Landing Pages” are an important marketing tool for lead generation.  They are single page websites (also called “Squeeze Pages”) that help any real estate agent generate their own leads.  They can be used for all types of leads including Home Value (Sellers), First Time Buyers, FSBO, Expired, Seller Guide, etc.



An example of a real estate landing page designed to generate buyer leads:

2016 Real Estate Landing Page

Simple & Effective: This page offers a 2016 buyer guide. 



Here are 5 key benefits with landing pages:


1. Automated & Always Working For You – Setting up a landing page provides an automated source of new business for agents.  It works 24/7 and works when you’re not working.    Want some buyer leads?  Its easy. Just do this:

1. Setup a landing page that offers something of value to a buyer in your area (such as a Local Buyer Report),

2. Drive traffic to the page (see our blog for examples such as online marketing, direct mail, etc),

3. Realize an automated flow of new leads into your real estate business.


2. Higher Conversion Rate – Here is a VERY IMPORTANT marketing fact for you. Landing pages convert website visitors to leads at a HIGHER RATE than the home page of any website.  This is certainly the case with agent websites and real estate landing pages.  By creating a few landing pages, agents will convert more traffic into leads. 


3. Ongoing Lead Generation – This is not a one time lead source.  Setting up an effective lead-generating page is easy (Use postAprop). It will be one of your most important business building marketing tools.  Once created, you will have an ongoing source of new leads.  


4. Credibility & Brand Building – An effective landing page offers something of value to the viewer. In real estate. it gives agents an opportunity to provide valuable information to buyers and sellers. In the process it builds the credibility and brand for the agent. 


5. Builds Database – Creating a few landing pages allows agents to build lead databases of highly targeted leads.  This makes it easy for agents to send highly targeted messages to different lead groups. For example, an Expired Listing Landing Page.  It builds a lead database of people who had their home for sale but did not sell.  The listing expired and they are still in their home.  What are they looking for? How about specific information on what to do after a listing expired?


Having this segmented database makes it easy for the agent to craft specific messages that interest this lead group.  In this case, messages to expired listings.  These messages are used to nurture the leads.  Sending quality content to an expired listing will build your credibility with the lead. It keeps your name and business in front of the lead and on their minds. It also gives them an option (YOU!) to move forward when they relist the property.


It’s these 5 benefits of real estate landing pages that make them such an invaluable business-building resource for agents. 



How to create your first real estate landing page?


postAprop is the answer.  postAprop offers 100% complete pages in place for buyers and sellers.  Setup is easy. One click setup and then use the online editor to customize the page and add your contact information.  The service also comes with built in email marketing to help nurture your leads.



What Kind Of Real Estate Landing Page Do You Need?


Here is a free report from postAprop that covers the “3 Real Estate Landing Pages Every Agent Needs”. Click here for your free report.



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