Real Estate Squeeze Pages: How To Get Started
posted on August 12th, 2015 | in Marketing

Real Estate Squeeze Pages: How To Get Started

The use of real estate squeeze pages for lead generation is a proven and sound form of real estate marketing.  In other words, it works!


On occasion, we get the question “OK…what do I need to do first?”


This page should answer that question an show you how to “get started with real estate squeeze pages”.


Start With 3 Pages

postAprop offers a number of different page designs.  Using them is very easy to get started and manage.  For the first time user, we suggest you should start with the 3 pages listed below.


PAGE 1: The “Home Value” squeeze page

PAGE 2: The “Buyer Guide” squeeze page

PAGE 3: The “Seller Guide” squeeze page


NEED TO SEE EXAMPLES: visit our home page for plenty of live examples.  You can also find 2 examples of our 2017 designs here:


1. First Time Buyer Page:

2. 2017 Seller Guide Page:


Creating these types of squeeze pages will help you:

  • > Produce more leads (buyers AND sellers)

  • > Increase exposure for your business

  • > Generate more traffic to your core real estate site/blog

  • > Make all of your marketing more effective including anything you’re doing on Facebook


What does it take to get started?


There are 2 considerations: Time & Money


icon4Time: How much time is needed?  


With postAprop, all of the pages are in place with hosting and email marketing which allows you to setup the page with 1 click.  In other words, it’s very easy and doesn’t rquire much of your time to create these lead-generating pages.


5-squeezeMoney: How much does it cost to create these pages?  


postAprop certainly saves time for you but it also saves money.  There are 2 payment plans.  A monthly plan and an annual plan that offers a discount. Visit the order page for details:


With a very small time investment and a cost of around $1/day, postAprop is a real estate marketing service that will provide your real estate business with an excellent Return-On-Investment.


Think more leads, more traffic, more buyers and sellers, and getting it all for a very small investment.




It’s time to get off the fence and start using it.  Simply start with the 3 pages mentioned above and you can add more pages as you go. 





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* postAprop offers a number of features and benefits to help any real estate business.   In 2017, we Relaunched the service with many new features, new designs, and new content.   It’s now better than ever before.  And with such a low cost your business will see an exceptional ROI.









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