Live Examples

Here are several live examples of “real estate squeeze pages” (AKA “Landing Pages”)



Using our pages with Facebook is one of the best marketing methods you can do right now.

We have pages in place that are already integrated with Facebook. 

All it takes is 1 click to setup.




Here are a few Facebook pages:

Click Here For Example 1

Click Here For Example 2

Click Here For Example 3



Here are more page examples:

Click For “Home Value” Squeeze Page

Click For LIVE CHAT Squeeze Page

Click For 2017 First Time Buyer Page with 3D Spokesperson

Click For 4 FIELDS Pop-Up Squeeze Page

Click For “Home Value” With Video Background Page

Click For 2017 Seller Guide Page

Click For “FSBO” Page With 3D Flip Guide

Click For “Home Value” Squeeze Page

Click For Another “Home Value” Squeeze Page

Click For “First Time Buyer” Squeeze Page

Click For “Find Realtor” Squeeze Page

Click For “Sell For More” Squeeze Page

Click For “Property Alerts” Squeeze Page



With postAprop you can setup as many pages as you need under one account.

Setup is very easy. Just click and the page is live.

Customize any page with our online editor.





New Landing Pages From postAprop



Click For “Keller Red” Page

Click For “Remax Blue” Page



Visit our site for a demo, more live examples, and a list of features.