RealtyJuggler Integrated With postAprop
posted on December 21st, 2017 | in Marketing

RealtyJuggler Integrated With postAprop

One of the primary goals at postAprop was to offer good value to real estate agents with our landing page service.   Of course, (pat on the back) we feel we hit the mark and offer agents a tremendous service and value.  Another service that hits the mark on both points is RealtyJuggler.  It’s a simple and easy-to-use real estate CRM.  It’s also one of the best values in the business at only $99/year.


Here are a few bullet points on RealtyJuggler:


  • > RealtyJuggler is just $99 per year
  • > 90 day free trial – no credit card required
  • > Complementary 1-on-1 phone training available as part of our friendly live technical support
  • > Communicate with your clients via Email, Print and Text – huge eCard, Flyer and Letter libraries
  • > Sign Rider Lead Capture via Text or Voice
  • > RealtyJuggler runs directly on all platforms – PC, Mac, Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads
  • > Works great for individual agents as well as teams


When we contacted RealtyJuggler about integrating their service with our Real Estate Landing Pages they mentioned one of the popular requests of their users was an easy way to import leads from Facebook directly into their RealtyJuggler account.  postAprop solves this obstacle for RealtyJuggler users.


Review of RealtyJuggler


How to import Facebook leads directly into RealtyJuggler?


Importing leads directly from Facebook into RealtyJuggler is an easy process.  All you have to do is utilize a “Facebook integrated landing page” from postAprop and you can instantly add new leads from Facebook to your RealtyJuggler account.  Here is the lead flow from Facebook ad/post to the postAprop landing page to your RealtyJuggler account.



With postAprop, we provide “Facebook Integrated Landing Pages” that capture leads directly from Facebook into your lead database for the page.


Click this button below to see an example of one of these pages.



This type of lead capture page eliminates the need for an “optin form”.  We replace the form with the “CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK” button that captures the lead info directly from Facebook.  The key benefit of all of this?  The lead capture process is much easier.  As the potential lead only has to click (and not bother to enter an information in a form) to add the lead to your database.


With our integration with RealtyJuggler, it’s now a simple “Copy, Save, & Click” you can have all of these leads dropped into your RealtyJuggler account.  RealtyJuggler provides a special email for all users to import leads.  All you have to do is copy this email address in a field inside postAprop to integrate the services.


Here is a screen shot below.  Just copy, paste, and click.


Adding this email to your postAprop account will allow RealtyJuggler users to add leads generated on Facebook into their RealtyJuggler account.


Here is a quick How-To-Video on importing leads from postAprop (as well as Facebook) into your RealtyJuggler account:




One of the key benefits of postAprop is the Facebook integration.  With 1 click our users can setup a landing page with Facebook integration in place.  This makes lead capture more effective with any Facebook campaign.  It simply makes the lead capture process much easier for the potential lead.  Whenever you can do that, it usually results in a higher conversion rate.



For effective real estate landing page campaigns visit our home page for live page examples:



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