Text Examples For Real Estate Agents
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Text Examples For Real Estate Agents

Check out this little lead revival method I found on Lab Coat Agents Facebook Group.  It’s all about a simple text to send out to stale leads to bring them back into your business.  There was great feedback on how it’s working in the group.  We pulled some examples and feedback from the discussion and posted it below.



10 texts sent.  9 positive responses?  Nice!


You can do the same. Just like agent Paval Spepanov.  He copied the same text and sent it.  The result?  Hot leads (see his comment below).  You can use the same text or tweak it a little.  Juse a short text to garner and measure interest.  That’s all it takes and it works.




Here are closeups of some of the replies of this working for agents:



2 Buyers here: This agent loved it.




We find with emails (and texts) short messages are best.  This agent agrees:



One agent expressed concern about losing the leads at the open house and offered this alternative,




Here are a couple of other texts we liked from Lab Coat Agents and a similar article found this week on Inman News (see links to both articles below).  All of the texts are crafted to bring back old leads into your fold again…


A “What’s up” and I may have something for you…

Hi John, We haven’t spoken recently, but wanted to let you know there are a few houses in your target area that caught my eye. If you’d like some info, just let me know!



Conversation starter.  Looking for a reply to a question.

Hello John, sending some handpicked listings your way. A few great matches in here.  Take a look and let me know what stands out most about these homes for you? Happy to keep ‘em coming —



Mentioning the specific day of the week: According to Inman a 52% reply rate

Happy Friday, John! We haven’t spoken recently, but wanted to let you know there are a few houses in your target area that caught my eye. If you’d like some info, just let me know! 😀


Everyone wants a deal: Inman mentioned a 66% reply rate

Hope you’re doing well John! You contacted me recently about a home. There are a few available foreclosures in your market available if you’re looking for a great deal — can send them to you, just let me know!


Text to drive traffic back to your site:

“Hi, John 👋 . A little while back you reached out to us through our website about homes for sale. For some reason or another, we may have lost touch. Just want to make sure you are taken care of. Are you still looking for a new home? Here’s my website, so feel free to start searching again: websitename.com”


For more on real estate lead generation check out the real estate landing page service at postAprop.  If you’re using Facebook be sure to click below for a free HOW-TO VIDEO & GUIDE on what is working for real estate agents right now.



***See live examples of Facebook Campaigns for real estate agents







LabCoatAgents: https://www.labcoatagents.com/2017/10/23/7-best-texts-bring-leads-back-dead/

Inman News: https://www.inman.com/2017/11/02/7-text-messages-that-will-revive-those-dying-real-estate-leads/








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