VIDEO DEMO: Setup An Effective Real Estate Lead Page With 1 Click



The video shows you how to setup a "real estate squeeze page" with 1 click.



What Is A Squeeze Page?


It's a single page website designed to capture leads for your business.

Some call them "Landing Pages" or "Lead Pages". We call them "Squeeze Pages.


Real Estate Squeeze Pages


postAprop offers 100% complete real estate squeeze pages.
Proven designs in place to help you generate buyer and seller leads.


Scroll down for examples...


    real estate landing page



    Looking for more buyer & seller leads?
    These pages deliver a steady flow of buyer & seller leads to your inbox


    Need content for your lead page?
    We have it covered.


    real estate content
    We have content in place on the pages.
    You can also edit the content or upload your own.


    mopbile real estate landing page



    Our pages and sites are mobile.
    Market your business & properties directly to mobile users.



    lead page for real estate

    With postAprop, you are one click away from these highly effective lead generating pages.


    lead page for real estate

    NO coding. NO download. NO learning curve. We made it easy for you.
    Setup only requires you choose a design and click. That is it.


    lead page for real estate

    All of the pages have content in place including 3D graphics, video, etc.




      lead page for real estate



    We have professional real estate marketing videos for buyers & sellers
    in place on many designs.


    lead page for real estate


    With everything in place, you save time & money
    & get the professional lead capture page you need.


    Want to add your own content?
    No problem. Just login & use the easy online editor.


Ready For Some Live Examples? Click below.

Click For "Home Value" Squeeze Page
Click For "Find Realtor" Squeeze Page
Click For "Sell For More" Squeeze Page
Click For "Property Alerts" Squeeze Page
Click For "First Time Buyer" Squeeze Page

You can setup effective pages like this (& many more) with just 1 click.
All of the content, videos, graphics, and reports are already in place for you.

Modern Single Property Sites


    single property websites



    Improve your overall marketing plan & generate more buyer interest with
    our mobile-optimized single property sites




QUESTION: How Does postAprop Help My Real Estate Business?
We help you improve your entire marketing plan with lead capture pages, drip email, single property sites, & more.


QUESTION: Why Should I Use A Real Estate Squeeze Page?
Our pages are 100% complete so they are easy to setup. More importantly, the reason you should use real estate squeeze pages is they provide high-quality leads at a low cost. Also, once you set up your page it becomes an automated tool for you which means very little of your time is spent to maintain it. To sum it up, you can save both time and money while improving the lead production into your business.


QUESTION: What Kind Of Leads Will I See?
postAprop is an automated lead generation system that provides high quality
buyer AND seller leads at a low cost.


QUESTION: Do I Need Any Website Or Design Experience?
Our goal was to make everything "push button easy" and this is what you will find.
There is no coding, or downloads. Everything is very easy to setup and manage.


QUESTION: Can I Setup A Drip Email Campaign?
Yes. An easy-to-use email marketing program is part of our service.
Functions include an Autoresponder, Drip Email Campaigns, and Email Blasts.


QUESTION: Is postAprop Integrated With Other Email Services?
All of our lead pages can easily be used with icontact, MailChimp, & Aweber. If you want to use these 3rd party email services you can easily do it. However, there really is no need to pay the extra cost for these services. We provide a built in email marketing and lead database program.


QUESTION: Is It Really Easy To Use?
We provide 100% complete real estate squeeze pages. To get one of
these pages working for you it only takes one click.


QUESTION: Do You Have Any Live Examples?
Yes, Here are a 5 live examples:
Click For "Home Value" Squeeze Page
Click For "Find Realtor" Squeeze Page
Click For "Sell For More" Squeeze Page
Click For "Property Alerts" Squeeze Page
Click For "First Time Buyer" Squeeze Page
  You can setup effective lead pages like this (& many more) with just 1 click.
All of the content, videos, graphics, and reports are already in place for you.


QUESTION: What Are The Key Benefits?
There are many benefits for your real estate business.

Here are some of the benefits:
> Easy To Setup & Manage
> 100% Complete Pages With Graphics, Content, Etc.
> Unlimited Lead Pages (& Property Sites Too)
> Built In Email Marketing With Drip Email Campaigns
> Proven Lead-Generating Designs
> High-Quality Leads
> Low Cost & High ROI

QUESTION: How Many Pages & Property Sites Can I Create?
Under 1 account, you can setup unlimited lead pages and single property sites.


QUESTION: Are Your Pages & Designs Responsive & Mobile?
Both the "squeeze pages" & property sites are responsive and work well
on all mobile devices.


QUESTION: Can I Build A Buyer's List? Is Email Marketing Part Of The Service?
Yes! And...Yes! Email marketing is built into each page. You can build buyer and seller lists. Each page you create has a unique lead database and email marketing program. This includes an autoresponder, drip email campaigns, and email blasts. You also get unlimited email accounts.


QUESTION: What Happens With My Leads?
They are 100% yours. Only you have access to your leads.
We never contact your leads or send them any information.


QUESTION: Do You Explain How To Generate Leads?
We do. We provide marketing advice, examples, & tips to make it even easier
for postAprop to work for you. We show you how to setup an effective
lead page for your real estate business.


QUESTION: What Other Benefits/Features Do You Have?
Unlimited squeeze pages. Unlimited single property sites.
You get a full hosting account too.
With our hosting you can setup a real estate blog & full websites too.
Also, don't overlook the mobile optimized single property sites.
This feature will have a very positive impact on your business.


QUESTION: What Features Are Found On The Single Property Sites?
Just like the squeeze pages, the single property sites are very easy to setup.
They are responsive designs which allows you to market directly to mobile users.

The designs are clean & modern with visual appealing features
such as image galleries & video tours.


QUESTION: Can I Create A Single Property Site For My Listing Presentations?
Of course! In fact, we encourage it.
Using our single property sites as a visual marketing tool during a listing presentation
is another important benefit you will see at postAprop.
This is a very effective way to add value to your listing presentation.
We show you how and offer pointers on utilizing our single property sites.


QUESTION: Why Should I Sign Up?
We will instantly upgrade your entire real estate marketing program. And we'll do it at
such a low price that it makes it a no brainer for you.
Think about the return you will see from using our services?
Then think about the low cost?
It adds up to exceptional value.


QUESTION: Everything Looks Great...What Is The Total Cost?
We have a 2 payment plans.
The best value is with the annual plan PROMO which works out to only $24.97/month.


QUESTION: How Do I Order?
Simply scroll down and click the ORDER BUTTON



Unlimited Lead Pages, Single Property Sites, & More.

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Professional Marketing Graphics & Videos
Full Hosting (Can Create Real Estate Blogs & Full Websites Too!)
Property Flyer Creator, 3D Graphics Creator, QR Code Maker, & More...

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