VIDEO: How To Use Squeeze Pages With Your Current Real Estate Website



The video explains how to easily integrate postAprop real estate squeeze pages with
your current Realtor website. It includes a couple of examples on how to do it.

Video mentions an old promo. The current promo offers a recurring
discount that works out to only $24.99/month.


"Why Is This Important To Your Real Estate Business?"
This Marketing Fact Explains It:


Two Steps To More Leads


Following the steps we outlined in the video will change that number.
Adding these basic lead generating tools to your site and blog will convert a
higher % of website visitors to leads.


More Realtor Leads

  The bottom line is...
This is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your current site
and produce more buyer & seller leads.

(This is just one method. postAprop pages can be used in a
number of different ways to help you generate more real estate leads.)




Easy 2 Step Formula:

As seen in the video above, a simple 2 step change to your website
& blog will result in more leads.

Two Steps To More Leads


This simple change will add a proven lead generating function to your website.


Add Squeeze Pages See More Leads


Each of the graphics is linked to a highly targeted real estate squeeze page

Linking squeeze pages to your main site, blog, Facebook, etc
is a proven method to increase lead production.



Another Example Below:

In the video, we used a common Realtor website you see below.
This Realtor site would be a much more effective lead generating
tool by following the instructions below:


  Squeeze Pages For Real Estate


The Easy Fix Below

  Realtor Landing Pages




Take One More Look...

The postAprop page on the right, will boost your lead production.


Realtor Squeeze Pages  



One Final Thought...

We made it really easy for you to create these effective squeeze pages.
100% complete real estate squeeze pages are waiting for you.



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